About Callister Brewing

Callister Brewing has grown firm roots in the brewing neighbourhood of Yeast Van. Established in 2013, Callister Brewing was the first co-working, collaborative brewery of its kind in Canada. Opening our doors in 2015, Callister supported talented independent brewers to start their business by creating accessibility to equipment, commercial facilities, and keen local customers. Over five years, we invited 10 different brewing teams to brew and sell their own beers with us and learn what it takes behind the scenes. The program came to a close in 2020 and we are now brewing 100% our own beer.

Since 2015, we’ve also been making our own craft sodas. When we started bottling in 2018, Callister Craft Sodas was born. Focused on unique flavours, cocktail inspired combinations, local suppliers, we use the highest quality, freshest ingredients. Current flavours include Raspberry Earl Grey, Ginger Beer, Hibiscus Lemonade, Cream Soda, and Tonic Water.


Chris and Diana are the owners, brewers, and operators of Callister Brewing, with just a few awesome front of house staff, running the smallest brewery in Vancouver.

You can usually find them brewing, serving customers, or enjoying a beer. Stop by and say hi!

Chris began homebrewing in 2012 and never looked back. As an entrepreneur in digital media and education for the previous 16 years, he decided to expand on his creative outlets. In less than six months, he won first-place in the local homebrewing competition for his robust porter. Brewing has become his personal passion and a lifelong endeavour to constantly improve on the craft.
Diana is inspired by innovation and DIY culture. In 2012, she began pursuing sustainable agriculture and homesteading. Homebrewing was a natural fit and she decided to turn her focus to opening a co-operative, collaborative craft brewery, drafting the business plan in 2013 while studying sustainable agriculture at the UBC Farm. She is currently managing the cask program and brewing other beer for Callister, as well as leading up Callister Sodas, a craft-focused line of sodas with unique, local flavours and novel ingredients. When she isn’t focused on production, she also finds time to keep the business running.

Callister Park

Callister Park Photo Credit: Vancouver Sun

Callister Brewing is named after historic Callister Park. The Park was at the heart of the East Vancouver community and local sporting events. The sports stadium, established in 1921 (originally as Con Jones Park) on Renfrew St. at Oxford (across from the PNE), was home to the Pacific Coast Soccer League, baseball, lacrosse, rodeos, and demolition derby. Chris’ grandfather, Ed Lay, was its caretaker from 1949 to 1970 and lived in a suite beneath the stands with his son (Chris’ father) and wife. Callister Park still exists today as a green space and as the inspiration for some of Vancouver’s best craft beer.

ALTITUDE (2019/20)
Altitude included a team of four: Xander, Andrew, Peter, and Kirby. The head brewer, Xander, started home brewing in 2011. After a few years, tinkering with brewing equipment, completing Kwantlen’s Brewing Operations course, and working as a brewer at Faculty Brewing, the rest of the team wanted to share Xander’s beer with the Vancouver craft beer community. Xander is currently head brewer at Monkey 9.
SUNDOWN (2018/19)
The Sundown team started home brewing around 2012 as a hobby and way to spend less money on beer (oh, the irony). Over time their modest hobby has morphed into a truly passionate obsession for creating unique and exceptional beers. Bringing different areas of expertise from the tech industry Kevin, Ben, and Charles thrive on every aspect of the beer making process from brewing to imbibing. Sundown moved on to Container Brewing for a short time and are currently taking some time off.
GOOD BUDDY (2018/19)
Tim started brewing as a kid, helping his dad at the home brew store in Ontario. Over the years he moved to The Yukon and finally to Vancouver where he found a home in the vibrant home brewing community. Tim moved around from several craft breweries until launching his own brand at Callister. The focus of Good Buddy is to make wacky and drinkable beers, but most importantly to hang out with your good buddies and have good times. Tim is currently looking for a new home for Good Buddy.
NIGHT OWL (2017/18)
Ben Greenberg has been living in and around Vancouver for most of the past 20 years. He began brewing beer in 2011 working on his own recipes for IPAs, fruit beers, and stouts. Now, with Night Owl, he’s excited to share his beers with the world.
You can still find Ben at Andina Brewing, where he has taken on the role of Head Brewer.
Zuz and Nick’s brewing experience was forged in the crucible of Nick’s Keefer St. apartment in 2010. Since then, they have been perfecting their craft and treating friends to weird and wonderful brews. Paul and Vincent had a more unusual introduction to brewing while they were both living in a “dry” country. But in the end, they all share a love of beer.

It was in the summer of 2016, at Zuz and Nick’s inaugural rooftop tasting party, that Paul and Vincent suggested taking their beers to the public. After hearing about Callister’s Associate Brewer program, the leap was a natural one, and almost a year since that day, a beer went on tap at Callister.

REAL CASK (2015-2018)
Adam Chatburn hails from Blackburn England and upon graduation from Birmingham University became head brewer for the all cask Blackburn Brewing Company where he fermented a love and appreciation of real ale. Moving to Vancouver in 2008 he fell in love with BC and the growing craft beer scene volunteering with CAMRA BC – Vancouver Branch and serving as President for from 2013-2015.
Boombox specialized in all things hoppy and sour. Kent and Ryan brewed their first beer together in 2009. In 2014 they met Phil at a craft beer seminar and haven’t looked back since.
Boombox is the result of these three friends and their hard work and dedication to producing great beer. Phil originally hails from Australia, and when not in the brewery, works as a geologist and economist. Phil is an award winning homebrewer, VanBrewers member, beer geek and a BJCP certified beer judge. Kent is an award winning homebrewer, VanBrewers member and former VanBrewers executive.

Since Boombox left Callister, they’ve found a new home at Parallel 49 Brewing.

Nathaniel is a proud member of the Canadian Armed Forces and a home brewer that is dedicated to his craft. Nathaniel has been home brewing for 6 years, an Executive of Home Brewers Association and a certified beer judge. After sharing his beers with friends Brendan Bonfield and Kiyo Godo the group decided that Nathaniel’s beers needed to be shared with the world. Nathaniel brings the same dedication, hard work and attention to detail he learned in the Canadian Armed Forces to brewing.
Machine Ales is an experiment in beer production by two award-winning homebrewers, Matt Kohlen, and Adam Henderson. Matt and Adam have over 25 years combined experience in the Food and Beverage Industry, and want to put this to use crafting their vision of what great beer can be. Adam is also the Founder of Copper & Theory, a beer import agency based out of Vancouver, and serving Western Canada. Matt likes to dry-hop everything. This was written by Adam.

You can now find Superflux Beer a few blocks south of us on Clark Dr.

If you are a beer lover in Vancouver, you’ve probably met Chester Carey. You may have taken his Serious Beer courses at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts (or the Tapei Wine Academy), or maybe asked him for a beer pairing recommendation while shopping at Brewery Creek Liquor store, where he’s the Product Portfolio Manager and now Head Brewer, too. Or maybe you bumped into him at a VanBrewers homebrew club meeting, or judged with him at some beer or spirits or food related contest (He holds his BJCP certification, among many others.) Or maybe you saw him at an industry tasting event (he’s also a Certified Spirits Specialist), or at the BC Beer Awards, which he co-founded.